Exhibition presents a dialogue between Sébastien Mahon and Hong Kong artist Sarah Lai

In November 2013, Mur Nomade invited Beijing-based French painter Sébastien Mahon and Hong Kong artist Sarah Lai to start a six-month conversation, sharing their sensations and thoughts about their creative processes and artworks. To deepen the artistic and cultural exchange, Sarah Lai received a travel grant to travel to France and conduct research on the winter light. Radiance is the materialization of this artistic collaboration. The choice of the exhibition space participates to the dialogue and echoes the radiance of the artworks. It is set on the top floor of The Pulse, a mall stretching along Repulse Bay beach. Scheduled to open soon but still empty and raw, the venue provides a unique exhibition space facing the sea and capturing its glimmering reflection of light. Poetry readings and contemporary dance performances will be held at the venue during the exhibition

Rose Art Museum and Tel Aviv Museum of Art partner to promote Israeli video art

Brandeis University’s Rose Art Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art are undertaking a shared initiative to support the work of emerging Israeli video artists. The joint project, which includes the establishment of the Chami Fruchter Video Prize, was announced May 25 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art by the museum’s Director and Chief Curator, Suzanne Landau. The announcement accompanied an address by Christopher Bedford, the Henry and Lois Foster Director of the Rose, who spoke on the role of Israeli video art in American museums. The Chami Fruchter Video Prize will be presented every other year to an Israeli video artist who has demonstrated considerable promise but has not yet been the subject of a solo museum exhibition. The artist will receive $10,000 and his or her work will be exhibited at both the Rose and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. A

Ode To Art presents leading Chinese artist Yu Nancheng’s first solo exhibition in Singapore

A veteran in the world of oil painting, Yu Nancheng has long been fascinated by the allure of both foreign artistic traditions as well as Chinese culture. This is his first solo exhibition of his critically acclaimed China Red series in Singapore, after Wellington Gallery Hong Kong, Li Kai Lin Gallery United Kingdom and a few other renowned galleries in China. This series is a blend of East and West influences as well as modernity and tradition. The subject matters in China Red are all Chinese elements; Tai Chi is one such element. The essence of Tai Chi can be encapsulated as the interplay of opposing flows and forces. This essence is deftly captured in Yu’s work. China Red comprises thousands of people practising Tai Chi at Tiananmen Square in China. The portrayal of the poses allows Yu to bring forth the spirituality associated with these movements: the yin and yang, the hard and

Melting Arctic opens new passages for invasive species

For the first time in roughly 2 million years, melting Arctic sea ice is connecting the north Pacific and north Atlantic oceans. The newly opened passages leave both coasts and Arctic waters vulnerable to a large wave of invasive species, biologists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center assert in a commentary published May 28 in Nature Climate Change. Two new shipping routes have opened in the Arctic: the Northwest Passage through Canada, and the Northern Sea Route, a 3000-mile stretch along the coasts of Russia and Norway connecting the Barents and Bering seas. While new opportunities for tapping Arctic natural resources and interoceanic trade are high, commercial ships often inadvertently carry invasive species. Organisms from previous ports can cling to the undersides of their hulls or be pumped in the enormous tanks of ballast

Smithsonian Research Informs Marine Conservation: Panama saves whales and protects world trade

The Republic of Panama’s proposal to implement four Traffic Separation Schemes for commercial vessels entering and exiting the Panama Canal and ports was approved unanimously by the International Maritime Organization in London, May 23. Based on studies by Smithsonian marine ecologist Hector Guzman, the new shipping lanes are positioned to minimize overlap between shipping routes and humpback whale migration routes and reduce vessel speed four months a year at the peak of the whale overwintering season. Several cetacean species move through the tropical waters near the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal in the Gulf of Panama. With Smithsonian ecologist Richard Condit, intern Betzi Perez-Ortega and colleagues from Whalesound Ltda. in Chile and the College of the Atlantic in Maine, Guzman recently published results from six seasons in Panama’s

Cheval Blanc Direct from the Château & an Important European Cellar achieved US$3.1 million at Sotheby’s

Continuing the success of the two-day Spring sales of wine in April which totalled HK$100 million / US$13 million, Sotheby’s Hong Kong Evening Sale titled A Celebration Of Year Of The Horse: Cheval Blanc Direct From The Château and An Important European Cellar yesterday soared above high estimate to achieve HK$24.4 million / U$3.1 million in the vibrant saleroom at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery. All 600 lots found buyers. The 220 lots of large-format bottles from magnum to melchior direct from Château Cheval Blanc achieved a remarkable HK$11.3 million / US$1.5 million against a high estimate of HK$9.5 million / US$1.2 million. Wine lovers competed with enthusiasm for mature vintages of perfect provenance and pristine condition, sending more than 70% of the offerings from the Château over their high estimates. The top lot of the sale, a nebuchadnezzar of Château

Survey of paintings, drawings and sculptures by John Connell opens at David Richard Gallery

David Richard Gallery presents “A Mind to Obey Nature”, a survey of paintings, collages, drawings and sculptures by John Connell (1940-2009) in his first solo exhibition with the gallery. The content of John Connell’s art was very much inspired by nature, Zen philosophies and wabi-sabi concepts of transience, while his visual approach echoed that of the Arte Povera movement in Europe. Paintings, collages, drawings and sculptures created with a variety of materials, including paint, tar, gravel, paper, wood, textiles, pure pigment, iron oxide, glue and ink on a variety of supports will be presented. His very long scrolls of meditation-inspired figures created with spray paint on a range of papers in the early 1980s—early examples of graffiti and Street Art—also are exhibited. The elegant shapes of the figures and nearly exact proportions demonstrated his skill as a figurative painter. More than te

Pierre Soulages and the Aveyron: Interview with Pierre Soulages

I have two birthplaces: Rodez and contemporary pain- ting. I spent my childhood and my teenage years in the Rouergue. A province I love. My father was a coachbuilder, he manufactured horse-drawn carriages. I was 5 when he died. So, I grew up with two mothers: my real mother, Aglaé, and my sister, who was fifteen years ol- der than me, and who also was my philosophy teacher when I was in high school. My mother was a woman of the old days, she could barely write but knew how to read. After my father's death, she ran a ''hunting-fishing-rigging'' shop. When I was 19, I went to Paris and then to Montpellier. But when I was a teen in Rodez, I had already discovered a reproduction of a cave painting, the Altamira bison, in a history book. It was as though a whole part of art had been revealed to me, as though I was questioning everything that had been made since the origin of mankind.

QUAD in Derby explores ‘The Pride and the Passion’ with new exhibitions about football

QUAD Gallery in Derby is focusing on football and art with new exhibitions featuring film and photographic works, as well as archival images and artefacts from Derby County Football club. The Pride and the Passion: Contemporary Art, Football & the Derby County Collection opens on 6th June in QUAD Gallery and The Pride and the Passion: Derby County Football Club Through the Years and Grassroots: Artists Explore Lower League Football opened on 26th May in QUAD’s Extra Gallery Spaces. QUAD also announced an exciting new digital commission by digital artist Brendan Oliver, titled ‘Sporting Forms’, supported by Arts Council England, that will examine actual player data from the World Cup in Brazil. Football is a truly global sport; a game that can mean so much, to so many people. In a World Cup year, when all eyes turn to Brazil, The Pride and the Passion is an exhibition curated by QUAD which documents