Rémy Jacquier

The “Artifices” series—thirty charcoal and pigment drawings—represents the last two years of patient work by Rémy Jacquier and reconfigures Ceysson & Bénétière’s Saint-Étienne exhibition space. The

A New World Without Shopping Malls?

More than 50% of malls anchored by department stores could close permanently by the end of 2021. Of the roughly 1,000 malls still in operation throughout the U.S., 60% are anchored by department stores; of those, 19% are rented by J.C. Penney, 18% by Macy’s, and 20% by other stores including Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, and Dillard’s. – Fast Company

Paris Plans To Keep Cars Out Of The City When It Reopens

The city’s mayor: “I say in all firmness that it is out of the question that we allow ourselves to be invaded by cars, and by pollution. It will make the health crisis worse. Pollution is already in itself a health crisis and a danger — and pollution joined up with coronavirus is a particularly dangerous cocktail. So it’s out of the question to think that arriving in the heart of the city by car is any sort of solution, when it could actually aggravate the situation.” – CityLab

Donald Judd

Gagosian is pleased to present, in association with Judd Foundation, an installation of untitled, 1980, the largest single plywood work by Donald Judd. This will be the first time the work has been