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How Facebook Has Revived The Epistolary Friendship

“Thanks to the newfound abundance of text-based communications tools, and the social networks that allow us to discover or rediscover potential correspondents, friendships conducted entirely through text exchange are once again the norm. Would these friendships look familiar to the letter-writing friends of earlier centuries, when epistolary friendships were also common? Or is there something […]

When Arendt Met Auden

Hannah Arendt: “I met Auden late in his life and mine – at an age when the easy, knowledgeable intimacy of friendships formed in one’s youth can no longer be attained, because not enough life is left, or expected to be left, to share with another. Thus, we were very good friends but not intimate […]

In 2018, How Do We Handle Classic Broadway Musicals With ‘Problematic’ Male-Female Relations?

“Billy Bigelow hits Julie Jordan. Henry Higgins molds Eliza Doolittle. Fred tames Lilli. And Edward rescues Vivian. Amid a national reckoning with sexual harassment and misconduct, Broadway is mounting a cluster of musicals this season and next that, some theatergoers already contend, romanticize problematic relationships between women and men.” Michael Paulson looks at how the […]

It May Be Time To Overhaul The Funny Pages Completely

With the entire comic-strip genre undergoing changes of medium (from paper to pixels), generation (the creators of many newspaper mainstays have been dying off or retiring), and audience (Millennials don’t tend to get their news or their cartoons on newsprint, and they prefer big events to day-to-day consistency), Ernie Smith argues that the remarkable stagnancy […]