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Art Photography From Ethiopia Does More Than Just Give Us Nice Pictures To Look At

Aïda Muluneh brought East Africa’s first (and still only) international photography exhibition into being, but she’s doing more than that with her color-saturated studio images. “This place has so much complexity, and I’m witness to that complexity. There are so many subcultures, there are so many contemporary things happening here, there are so many cities […]

The Many Times Still-Living Celebrities Got To Read Their Own Obits (Even Before Twitter)

There are slip-ups, and then there’s the CNN Incident. “Many of the obits were filled in with text from Britain’s Queen Mother, who had died the year before, including a description of Dick Cheney as ‘the U.K.’s favorite grandmother.’ Castro was listed as ‘lifeguard, athlete, movie star,’ a description lifted from Ronald Reagan’s bio.”