Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Would Have Liked a Facebook Alert About Cambridge Analytica

Colbert lamented the fact that a Trump-linked data firm collected private information on millions of Facebook users.

Best of Late Night: Samantha Bee Celebrates Conor Lamb’s Win in Pennsylvania

“You know, I’m really enjoying this radical new Democratic strategy called ‘trying,’” Bee said.

Best of Late Night: Jimmy Fallon Roasts Trump for Bragging That He Fired Tillerson ‘by Myself’

“Trump brags about firing people the same way a toddler brags about using the bathroom alone for the first time,” Fallon said.

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Asks Why Trump Is Scared of Stormy Daniels

The former pornographic film actress was recently interviewed by “60 Minutes,” and Colbert was eager to offer his take on the controversy.