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Best of Late Night: Samantha Bee Demands an End to Arbitration in Sexual Misconduct Cases

Bee interviewed the former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson about so-called forced arbitration clauses, which can silence victims of sexual misconduct.

Best of Late Night: James Corden Responds to Nikki Haley’s Grammys Criticism

After Hillary Clinton appeared on the Grammys, the U.N. ambassador tweeted that the awards show should not “ruin great music with trash.” James Corden fired back.

Best of Late Night: Seth Meyers Skewers Chuck Schumer Over ‘Dreamers’ Negotiations

Mr. Meyers said that he didn’t trust Senator Chuck Schumer’s pledge to hold Republicans’ “feet to the fire” on their promise to allow a vote on the fate of so-called Dreamers.