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Arundhati Roy Sounds A Clarion Call For Writers

The novelist and essayist says it’s not the job of a writer to be an activist – but that writers are always political, and now that is deeply necessary. “Individuals are being turned into micro-fascists by so many means. It is the mobs and vigilantes going and lynching people. So more than ever, the point […]

No Thank You: Hanif Kurieshi Isn’t Having Any Of Lionel Shriver’s Whining About Diversity In Publishing

Novelist Kurieshi is not holding back: “It is not coincidental that at this Brexit moment, with its xenophobic, oafish and narrow perspective, the ruling class and its gatekeepers fear a multitude of democratic voices from elsewhere and wish to keep us silent. They can’t wait to tell us how undeserving of being heard we really […]

The Mad James Joyce Scholar Who Corrected ‘Ulysses’, Fed Pigeons In Boston, And Absconded To Rio

Jack Hitt explains the years-long scholarly feuds over the errors, large and small, in various editions of Ulysses (and why they matter); tells the story of James Kidd, the professor who prepared, but never published, the most accurate edition of Joyce’s novel yet; and finds and visits Kidd in Brazil, some 16 years after he […]

Novel Written As Single 270-Page-Long Sentence Wins €100,000 Prize

“It’s not often that an author described on his own Wikipedia page as ‘disgracefully neglected’ is awarded a €100,000 literary prize. But this is where the Irish author Mike McCormack finds himself, with Wednesday’s announcement that he has won the International Dublin literary award for his novel, Solar Bones.” The prize, formerly known as the […]

George Orwell Predicted The Difficulty Of Writing When Truth Has Been Undermined

Orwell was right. The totalitarian regime rests on lies because they are lies. The subject of the totalitarian regime must accept them not as truth—must not, in fact, believe them—but accept them both as lies and as the only available reality. She must believe nothing. Just as Orwell predicted, over time the totalitarian regime destroys the very […]

In Praise Of The Mighty Dinkus

“Three months ago, I was a normal person. Now all I think about 24-7 is the dinkus. Did you know that dinkuses is an anagram of unkissed? I did. For the uninitiated, the dinkus is a line of three asterisks (* * *) used as a section break in a text.” Daisy Alioto offers some […]