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Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.12.17

More “Mundi” Conundrums: Exactly Who Paid the Leonardo’s Princely Price (and why)? In my Friday post about those said to have “acquired” the $450.3-million Leonardo da Vinci, I suggested that the convoluted Salvator Mundi story was still developing and hard to predict. Sure enough, … read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-12-12 Janine Jansen at Carnegie Hall without veneer – or microphones […]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.11.17

Janine Jansen at Carnegie Hall without veneer – or microphones breathing down her neck What price freedom? Carnegie Hall’s Perspectives series allows its selected artist-curators to have something close to carte blanche over multiple concerts in numerous different forums. This year, the glamorous Dutch violinist Janine Jansen is one of those artists, … read more AJBlog: Condemned […]

Top AJBlogs Posts From The Week Of 12.10.17

Mostly Other People Do The Killing…Downsized, Full Bore Mostly Other People Do The Killing, Paint (Hot Cup) Mostly Other People Do The Killing has been a septet, a quintet and a quartet. For Paint , now that saxophonist Jon … read more AJBlog: RiffTides Published 2017-12-09 “Mundi” Conundrum: Latest Head-Spinning Chapter in Tangled Trajectory of Leonardo’s “Salvator […]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.07.17

Attorney General Asks to Extend Preliminary Injunction Preventing Berkshire Museum Sales The legal jousting in the Berkshire Museum case continues: The State Attorney General’s Office has filed a new motion in Massachusetts Appeals Court, seeking “to extend the current injunction and stay until Jan. 29, 2018.” … read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-12-07  

Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.06.17

“Essential Personnel”: My Q&A with Getty’s Communications VP on the Approaching Wildfires With the area’s surrounding streets and nearby freeway closed to traffic due to rapidly spreading wildfires that are approaching (but so far have not reached) the Getty Center, the Getty today is staffed by only “essential … read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-12-06 The Murder of the LA […]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.05.17

First You Talk Typically, when I see a headline like this: Opera Memphis Kicks Off Effort to Diversify Audience, I cringe. Not because I don’t believe in diversifying our audiences. I clearly do. However, too often it is done … read more AJBlog: Engaging Matters Published 2017-12-05 Playing with Wildfire: Getty Museum Closed Due to Smoke in the […]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.04.17

Bug, Trapped A hapless grasshopper found itself in the news not too long ago because it was trapped, a permanent visitor to a one-painting museum called Olive Trees. You may have wondered, as I did, … read more AJBlog: Out There Published 2017-12-03 Bit by bit “You’re not going to watch this, are you?” he asked in apparent amazement when I showed up […]

Top AJBlogs Posts From The Weekend Of 12.03.17

Mundell Lowe, 1922-2017 Guitarist Mundell Lowe died today. He was 95. Lowe’s career began at 13 when he frequently went from his home in Laurel, Mississippi, to work at clubs in New Orleans’ French Quarter. … read more AJBlog: RiffTidesPublished 2017-12-02 Quad Cinema Hosts Wyler Festival WNYC’s Sara Fishko has produced a terrific audio piece about William Wyler […]

Top Posts From AJBlogs 11.30.17

Recent Listening: Urban Fado Mary Ann McSweeney, Urban Fado (McSweeney) In Lisbon, New York, Montreal, Paris, and Tokyo – among other places around the world – musicians are melding jazz and Fado. Fado’s origins in Portugal extend to at least … read more AJBlog: RiffTides Published 2017-11-30  

Top Posts From AJBlogs 11.28.17

Education and Engagement Education and engagement are increasingly being paired in job titles and descriptions. There is some sense to that, but the differences – with respect to fundamental focus – are significant. … read more AJBlog: Engaging Matters Published 2017-11-28 Machine-Made Art For as long as there have been machines, I suppose, the question has been asked: Can […]