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Why The Priests In Movies Are Good

2014+12lawson“Given the scale of the revelations of the occurrence and covering-up of sexual abuse by priests, you might assume that the same would be true of sincere and celibate Roman Catholic clergy. Yet, in these bad times for the Vatican, good priests are surprisingly in evidence on-screen.”

Humanists And The Meaning Of Stories

photo_48703_wide_large“Humanists have paid a heavy price for their shrinking act. We are more or less ignored now by both the general public and our colleagues in the natural sciences, whose disciplines, of course, make no sense at all outside of universal observations, and who often work from bold cosmic visions, wildly counterintuitive models (think ghostlike […]

Ted Hughes Estate Cuts Off His Biographer

Ted Hughes“The Shakespeare scholar Jonathan Bate, who began working on a biography of the former poet laureate in 2010, said he was surprised that the estate has barred him from private archives, asked that he return photocopies of privately held documents, and withdrawn his right to quote extensively from the poet’s work.”

Intellectual Property and Jokes

Photo of a gun by Tanjala Gica/Thinkstock, photo illustration byNo, this isn’t about a sub-genre of lawyer jokes. Comedians and civilians alike steal each other’s laugh lines. “Does anyone actually own a joke, after all? What legal recourse, if any, does that owner have when some hack swipes his best material?”