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It Was ‘Art In Action’: Artist Behind Removal Of That Painting Of Naked Nymphs Explains What Went Down

Sonia Boyce: “The recent, temporary removal from Manchester Art Gallery of John William Waterhouse’s 1896 painting Hylas and the Nymphs, which depicts Hercules’s handsome male lover being lured to his death in a pond by seven long-haired, topless nymphs (pubescent girls), was an attempt to involve a much wider group of people than usual in […]

We’re Quickly Becoming A Post-Text World

This multimedia internet has been gaining on the text-based internet for years. But last year, the story accelerated sharply, and now audio and video are unstoppable. The most influential communicators online once worked on web pages and blogs. They’re now making podcasts, Netflix shows, propaganda memes, Instagram and YouTube channels, and apps like HQ Trivia.

Audible Commissions Playwrights For “Audio Theatre” Project

Audible CEO Don Katz acknowledged that radio dramas have been around for nearly 100 years, but he emphasized that what Audible is creating is something different. It’s performative audio for the digital era, and Katz said the contributions of these playwrights could be transformative to industry’s landscape, which already includes established purveyors of recorded theater […]

Radio Theatre, Coming To An Audiobook App Near You (And Giving Playwrights A Boost)

Audible, the massive audiobook company that’s owned by Amazon, just announced a “first round” of commissions for playwrights including Lauren Gunderson and Leah Winkler. But the plays won’t just be recorded and downloadable: “Audible intends to stage live productions of these plays. Katz likes the idea of limited runs that will allow producers to recruit […]

YouTube Disables Ads On One Of Its Biggest Stars

YouTube had previously pulled Logan Paul’s channels from the Google Preferred premium-advertising program following the suicide video. In the wake of the controversy, Paul also lost a series deal with French digital studio Blackpills and was cut from YouTube Red’s original series “Foursome.” He is represented by CAA and affiliated with Studio71.