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How To Win Eurovision: Do The Chicken Dance

As 200 million people watched, Israel’s Netta Barzilai overwhelmed the “carnival of camp” competition – “Denmark featured singing Vikings, Ukraine’s contestant rose from a coffin to play on an enormous flame-wreathed piano, and an Estonian opera singer performed in a gown 26 feet in diameter” – with a song that she said was inspired by […]

Doing Sportscaster-Style Commentary On A Classical Music Competition (Yes, It Can Work)

Andrew Mellor writes about the commentary he did for the live video stream of this year’s Malko Competition for Young Conductors. “Much like a pundit pitting the poor defensive track record of West Ham against the unstoppable firepower of Manchester City, I tried to ascertain what dangers the prescribed works would pose for each contestant, […]

The English National Opera Bans Food And Drink For Rock, Pop, And Musical Theatre, But Not For Opera And Classical Music Audiences

Apparently, some patrons like alcohol more than others? “English National Opera is banning musical theatre audiences from bringing food and drink into the London Coliseum because patrons have been ‘picnicking’ and ‘replacing water with gin and vodka.’ The ban, which also applies to rock and pop concert audiences, is not imposed on opera, dance, cinema […]