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Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Slams Donald Trump for Jerusalem Decision

Mr. Noah compared recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to moving into an ex-girlfriend’s apartment building. “It’s not technically illegal,” he said — but it’s a bad idea.

Best of Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Says He’s Sorry for Thinking Trump’s Vacation Is a Vacation

Mr. Kimmel said he realized that the president was hard at work: “Just yesterday, he brokered a peace deal between the groundskeeper at the golf course and some gophers.”

Best of Late Night: Scaramucci’s White House Drama Inspires Late-Night Laughs

Stephen Colbert didn’t sound convinced by Anthony Scaramucci’s claim that he and Reince Priebus are like “brothers.”

Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Is Puzzled by Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘Transparency’

Mr. Noah took issue with the new White House communications director’s statement that he was deleting old tweets in the name of “full transparency.”

Best of Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Monologue: His New Son’s Heart Condition

The host of “Live!” revealed that he was off last week because his wife had given birth to a son. Then he told a frightening story.

Best of Late Night: ‘The President Show’ Puts Trump in the Host’s Chair

Comedy Central debuted its new weekly show, starring the Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik. He helped clarify the meaning of that “America First” slogan.

Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Has a Hard Time With Confederate Memorial Day

The “Daily Show” host pondered the dilemma faced by black residents of Mississippi and Alabama: “So I either don’t get the day off, or I support slavery?”