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How Do Musicians Remember So Many Notes From Memory?

Guide“Soloists are capable of remembering a tremendous amount of information based on several, mostly inexplicable and un-researched, mnemonic applications. Concert pianists, for example, can perform a 45 minute piece with 30,000 individual notes, that have to be performed in an absolutely particular order, with rhythmical and dynamic variability, passionately creating an emotional and formal narrative, […]

Memoir Of A Teenage Serial Killer (A Real One) Has Japan In An Uproar

zekka“Brushing aside mounting criticism, a Tokyo publisher has defended its decision to release a controversial autobiography penned by a former teenage serial killer, billing it as helpful to elucidate – and even deter – heinous juvenile crimes in society. Since the release of the autobiography last week, Ota Publishing Co. has faced a ‘massive’ backlash […]