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Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Slams Donald Trump for Jerusalem Decision

Mr. Noah compared recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to moving into an ex-girlfriend’s apartment building. “It’s not technically illegal,” he said — but it’s a bad idea.

Best of Late Night: Billy Bush Dishes to Stephen Colbert About Trump on ‘Access Hollywood’

Stephen Colbert didn’t let Mr. Bush, in his first televised interview since the infamous tape became public, get away with an easy self-exoneration.

Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Says Trump’s Rally in Arizona Seemed Like a Success — Kind Of

On “The Daily Show,” Roy Wood Jr. discussed the black Trump supporter — and former cult member — who was enthusiastically cheering on camera during the rally.

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Is Amazed Trump Won’t ‘Endorse the Statue of Liberty’

After a White House spokesman minimized the importance of Emma Lazarus’s famous poem, Mr. Colbert donned a costume and recited an alternate version of the work.