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San Francisco Arts And Homeless Organizations Join Forces

Chloe-city-shot“Although the city’s arts and homeless communities intersect frequently in the present tough economic climate — with increasing numbers of artists and arts organizations being displaced from their homes and workplaces, artists creating art about living on the streets, and homeless services organizations offering arts activities to people in shelters — the collaboration is certainly […]

So You Think You Know Your Own Mind, Do You?

know your own mind“The mid-20th-century behaviourist philosopher Gilbert Ryle held that we learn about our own minds, not by inner sense, but by observing our own behaviour, and that friends might know our minds better than we do. (Hence the joke: two behaviourists have just had sex and one turns to the other and says: ‘That was great […]

Indie Opera Is Flourishing In Toronto

tapestry27rv“Quite apart from the gold-plated extravaganzas that glide across the stage of the Canadian Opera Company’s Four Seasons stage, there is a vital collection of smaller companies in the city finding natural life in the supposedly ossified realms of one of Western civilization’s most highly developed art forms.”

Do Canadian Content Rules Make Any Sense In The New Media Landscape?

web-rv-taylor-0527“Even the most ardent cultural nationalists know there’s a problem. On television, regulations requiring that about half the programming day be devoted to Canadian shows were created for linear schedules; they make little sense in an on-demand environment. Also, unregulated foreign services – that would be Netflix – face no such requirements. Nor does Netflix […]

Why Would Corporations Help Rome Restore Its Monuments? City Government Is Incompetent At Best

People take pictures during an opening ceremony of Rome's Trevi Fountain after being restored, November 3, 2015. Italian fashion house Fendi takes down the plastic barriers that surrounded Rome's Trevi Fountain for 16 months as the stone rendering of Tritons underwent the most drastic renovation in its 252-year history. Fendi is one of a gaggle of luxury companies that have stepped in to prop up Italy's crumbling monuments as public funding for their upkeep dwindled. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY      - RTX1UL50One reason why the city is so hard-up (beyond the still-towering effects of the 2008 financial crisis) is that its administration is almost as dilapidated as the monuments of which it is custodian. Steered by a mix of sclerotic incompetence and outright corruption, the city’s mismanagement has long earned it the sobriquet “Mafia Capital.”

What Kinds Of Books Are Selling These Days? Paperbacks, Audiobooks, Coloring Books – But Not E-Books

adult coloring books“After years of seemingly unstoppable growth, e-book sales have started to slip, while paper has improbably bounced back. Digital book sales fell nearly 10 percent in 2015 from the previous year. Paperback sales grew by a healthy 16 percent.” What’s more, “those who came of age with digital technology seem, surprisingly, to prefer paper to […]