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Why Do We Need Disability Arts Festivals? (Hint: There Are A Lot Of Disabled People)

ResizedImageWzY4MSw0NjRd-Image-1-photo-Rachel-Cherry-for-Unlimited-Southbank-Centre-Unlimited-Festival-2015Actor Mat Fraser thinks we’ll need them “until disability is reflected in one seventh of all media” – so until we are adequately represented, since disabled people worldwide make up a seventh of the population. He goes on to express the importance of sharing our stories and perspectives. “Disability art is art that talks about […]

The World’s First Travel Guide

world's first travel guide“In ancient times, tourists and travelers in Greece have gotten into some pretty intense situations. An adventure-seeking traveler would bathe in the river Herkyna, then consume sacrificial meat, wander through a dark cave of Livadeia to seek out the oracle, and emerge ‘paralyzed with terror and unconscious both of himself and of his surroundings.’ And […]

National Anthem Critics Have It Wrong

150902115127-t-pain-national-anthem-exlarge-169“The Star-Spangled Banner” echoes the past and gives voice to our present. It is a living historic performance that resounds with the hopes and devotion of many to the nation, while also serving as witness to the country’s legacy of contradictions and a vehicle for social comment. Kaepernick’s star-spangled protest is part of this tradition, […]