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Brain Scientists Think They’re Figuring Out Creativity

“Not so long ago, it was commonly believed that the right hemisphere is the exclusive generator of creative thought. Later on, researchers’ focus shifted to connectivity between the two hemispheres. That model has been refined in recent years, as scientists have begun mapping not just regions of the brain, but the neural networks that spring […]

The Pronunciation Battles Of Britain

From a BBC presenter: “Listeners didn’t just say they ‘disliked’ something. They used the most emotive words they could think of. They were ‘horrified’, ‘appalled’, ‘dumbfounded’, ‘aghast’, ‘outraged’, when they heard something they didn’t like. Why do people get especially passionate about pronunciation, using language that we might think more appropriate as a reaction to […]

What Is Color? It’s Not Just A Question Of Physics

“Color is one of the longstanding puzzles in philosophy, raising doubts about the truthfulness of our sensory grasp on things, and provoking concerns as to the metaphysical compatibility of scientific, perceptual, and common sense representations of the world. Most philosophers have argued that colors are either real or not real, physical or psychological. The greater […]

The Creativity Construct

E. O. Wilson’s new book, “The Origins of Creativity,” is about the role of the humanities in an intellectual culture increasingly dominated by science. Wilson values the humanities, but he wants them to have closer ties to some of the sciences, an argument that draws on his view of the relationships between human biology, thought […]