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Organizer Of Fyre Festival Fiasco Arrested For Selling Fraudulent Tickets While Out On Bail

“[Billy] McFarland, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in March, was charged with an additional count of wire fraud and money laundering late Tuesday afternoon. Prosecutors say the scheme to sell tickets to exclusive events … was a fraud from the start, and one which specifically targeted people who had fallen for the Fyre […]

Rembrandt Van Rijn: Upstart, Star, Snob, Pauper, Mystery

“He left no diaries. No memoirs. No letters besides the occasional plea for patronage. His most substantial contemporary biography, no more than a few paragraphs in all, reveals little beyond the human capacity for understatement. … The entirety of his known painterly philosophy amounts to six words: to produce ‘die meeste ende die natureelste beweechlickheyt’ […]