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World’s Largest Performing Arts Center Is Now In Taiwan

“The sprawling 1.5-million-square-foot National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, designed by Dutch firm Mecanoo Architects, was recently completed in the southern port city of Kaohsiung … Slated for an October opening, the futuristic-looking mega space, called ‘Weiwuying’ for short, incorporates five performing spaces – including a 2,260-seat opera house, 2,000-seat concert hall (boasting a 9,085-pipe […]

One Of France’s Busiest Tourist Sites Is Evacuated By Police After A Threat

Mont-Saint-Michel, in northwestern France, was evacuated Sunday after a man made threatening remarks on a morning shuttle to the site, got into a fight with café owners, and made threats against security forces. “Tourists were blocked from entering during the lockdown as around 50 police conducted a house-to-house search. Holidaymakers were evacuated from hotels and […]

‘Disney For A Despot’: How Saddam Hussein Turned The Ruins Of Babylon Into A Propaganda Vehicle

“For Saddam, the ruined city of Babylon had always held a special fascination. He ordered an ambitious reconstruction of the city’s walls, costing millions of dollars at the height of the Iran-Iraq War. … When archaeologists told him that ancient kings like Nebuchadnezzar had stamped their names on Babylon’s bricks, Saddam insisted that his own […]

EU Considers Law To Consider Robots To Be People (The Way Corporations Are)

“A 2017 European Parliament report floated the idea of granting special legal status, or ‘electronic personalities,’ to smart robots, specifically those which (or should that be who?) can learn, adapt, and act for themselves. This legal personhood would be similar to that already assigned to corporations around the world, and would make robots, rather than […]