Closing Down UK Ticket Reselling Sites Won’t Stop Ticket Reselling

“Live music is the one part of the music industry generating sustained profits, which has meant that the balance of power has swung from record labels and artists to promoters such as Live Nation and its subsidiary Ticketmaster. The defence offered until now by Ticketmaster is that Seatwave existed to facilitate fans – both those wishing to offload tickets for an event they could not longer attend and anyone who’d missed out when a concert went on sale initially. It was undeniable, however, that professional resellers were milking the service for easy profits.”

Empty The Museums – Most Of What’s There Belongs Elsewhere

Simon Jenkins argues for the return not just of artifacts looted from other countries, but pretty much any art not created for a museum or gallery: “I want to see the Parthenon marbles as Phidias intended, even if recarved by a computerised jig. … Sensible people would long ago have replicated them and sent the old ones back to Greece. … So many great works – not all of them – derive meaning from where they originated. Malraux was right: a museum is without walls, a place of the imagination.”

Cultural Center In Gaza Destroyed By Israeli Airstrikes

In response to a barrage of 180 rockets, one of which landed near the city of Beersheba, from inside the Gaza Strip, Israel bombed 150 targets in Gaza. One of them was the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center in Gaza City, which contained a theater, a library, and offices for arts groups. The Israeli Defense Force said that the building was used by Hamas for military purposes, which users of the building deny.

SMU’s National Center For Arts Research And DataArts Merge

Since 2012, NCAR has made headlines with studies on such issues as the gender gap among art museum directors.Or whether grants by the National Endowment for the Arts benefit only the wealthy. It’s also delved into what significance arts leadership has with the success or failure of cultural institutions. It’s provided online diagnostic tools like the Arts Vibrancy Index – which measures communities across the U.S. based on a dozen factors such as the number of arts groups per capita and a city’s public support for its cultural offerings. In doing all this, the SMU center has had a full-time staff of only four people. Now, in merging with DataArts, NCAR will gain 22 employees.

In 1914 The Arts Seemed On The Verge Of New Things. Then The War Happened…

As Rupert Brooke, a very different kind of sensibility, put it, many artists welcomed the onset of war “as swimmers into cleanness leaping”. A short and sharply brutal conflict was just what art needed finally to euthanise the past and slough off the fusty clutter of landscapes, nudes and the strictures of the academy. A new and modern art lay just on the other side. Of course, as it turned out, these brave new movements turned out to be just another casualty of the trenches.

From Meme To Movies To Attempted Murder: A Brief History Of Slender Man

“Slender Man is scary not because of what you know about him but because of what you don’t know. … The character is a blank canvas for our fears but also for online storytelling. Now the namesake of a new horror film, Slender Man started to take shape in an online forum nearly a decade ago, at a time when daily life was shifting to social media and the border between the online world and the real one was starting to blur. Here’s a look at Slender Man’s evolution.”