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Knight Foundation President: What Binds Communities

Alberto Ibarguen: “Over the course of three years — from 2009 to ’11 — Knight and Gallup spoke with 43,000 people in 26 communities around the country. Our question was simple: What attaches people to the place where they live? The study was called “Soul of the Community” and we found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, social offerings and […]

In The Arguments Over Our Personal Data Online, It’s Not Privacy That’s At Stake – It’s Liberty

Louis Menand: “‘Privacy’ is an odd name for the good that is being threatened by commercial exploitation and state surveillance. Privacy implies ‘It’s nobody’s business,’ and that is not really what Roe v. Wade is about, or what the E.U. regulations are about … The real issue is … liberty. This means the freedom to […]

Charleston Abandons Plan For New Performing Arts Center

“The Daniel Island Performing Arts Center … was to be a multipurpose new venue that featured a 400-seat proscenium theater, with balconies and an orchestra pit, available to various local and touring theater companies, plus dance programming, classes and more.” In early June, the board abruptly decided to end the project; said one director, “After […]

Students Accuse University Of North Carolina Of “Artwashing” In Arts Campaign

Arts Everywhere, which kicked off its second year in April, has drawn the ire of students with public programs and artworks (including painted pianos) spread across campus. Students believe the campus-wide arts celebration disregards the seriousness of research by artists and art historians on campus, obscures systemic bias in Art Department hiring and retention practices, […]