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Is Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Mass’, Ultimately, Even A Piece Of Music? Maybe Not – And That Doesn’t Matter

“[The work] is hung on a musical frame. But more saliently to most audiences, perhaps, it is religious, it is social, it is political. … Maybe the technical term for it all is simply this: groovy.” Peter Dobrin considers the new recording of Mass, released for the Bernstein centennial, by Yannick Nézet-Séguin and the Philadelphia […]

*Really* Getting Inside The Music: Brian Eno Creates Immersive 3-D Music Installations

“Little colored bubbles float ever higher, growing larger as they rise toward the sky. People drift into a circle of six towering screens, wearing high-tech 3-D holographic visors, like moon-walkers taking their first steps in an alien atmosphere. They reach out their arms and use their thumbs and forefingers to pinch the air in front […]

The Historical Information About Racism, Anti-Catholicism, And Much More Encoded In Old Folk Songs

Oh: “‘Southern folk music’s overwhelming dominance — for all its championing by non-Southern liberals — also subtly reinforces the ‘heritage not hate’ defenses of the Confederate flag and other antebellum and pre–civil rights nostalgia,’ Josh Garrett-Davis, the Gamble assistant curator at the Autry Museum of the American West, wrote recently. This cultural rebranding began after […]