The Neverending Round Of The Artist Residency

The Passepartout Duo aren’t kidding with their name: They go everywhere, landing (for good) nowhere in particular. “At this point, we’ve completely given up location-dependent life. That’s to say: we’re homeless, and we’re happy about it. We have four small bags: one backpack and one instrument case each. We each have one pair of shoes and we use them for everything, until they fall apart; then, we pick up a new pair and keep going.”

Major Cuts To Leonard Bernstein’s Opera Make It A Chamber Company Work (And, Maybe, A Success)

Check out the numbers for the now 90-minute-long A Quiet Place: “Back in came three arias that had been cut from the final act for the 1986 version. Snips were made throughout. An orchestra of at least 72 players was reduced to an ensemble of 18, creating leaner textures and encouraging a less, well, operatic singing and acting style.”

Diversity In Music Needs a More Diverse Debate

“The more I talk to other women of color hailing from nations across the globe, the more I understand how the subconscious presentation of diversity framed exclusively as a “middle-class white cisgender woman’s problem” has the ripple effect of silencing women of varied ethnic backgrounds and gender identities.”

What Classical Musicians Actually Earn (And What It Costs To Be One)

According to Statistics Canada, using 2011 data (the last year for which detailed figures are available,) musicians and singers made an average of $10,402 a year from employment, and $16,061 from gross wages and salaries. StatsCan defines employment as including both salaried jobs and income from professional practice, and it should be noted the figures include everyone in the country who declared income as a musician or vocalist.

Now Even The Biggest Pop Stars Go To Songwriting Camp, Or At Least Sing Songs Written There

“Songwriting camps have convened since the early ’90s, when Police manager and I.R.S. Records chief Miles Copeland invited heavy hitters such as Cher and Squeeze’s Glenn Tilbrook to his French château.” They’ve become something of an industry since then, and they, “or at least the collaborative songwriting process, have fundamentally changed the way pop music sounds.”

Declining Skills Or Age Discrimination? Longtime Orchestra Musicians Quit Rather Than Be Evaluated

Steven Reed’s letter said he failed to blend with other players in the section and came in late to solos. He said he doesn’t need the hassle of the evaluation procedure. “My impression is that it is a form of discrimination,” Reed said. Once an orchestra member receives a warning letter, a meeting is held with the music director to discuss issues.