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MoMA Sues A Tea Shop For Trademark Infringement

“Momacha, a small matcha café on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is fighting back against a trademark infringement lawsuit brought by the Museum of Modern Art, otherwise known as MoMA. On Monday, the café — whose name was originally styled MoMaCha — moved to dismiss MoMA’s claim of trademark dilution.

Berkshire Museum Gets Significantly Less Selling Art Than It Had Hoped For

After the offering of 13 pieces at auction (two of which failed to sell, including a Frederic Edwin Church estimate at $5 million to $7 million) and a private deal through which the Lucas Museum in Los Angeles bought Rockwell’s Shuffleton’s Barbershop (1950) for an undisclosed sum, the museum, which is based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, said that it […]

The Rise And Rise Of Kerry James Marshall

“In 1997, African American artist Kerry James Marshall painted Past Times, an artwork depicting a black family in high-class leisure – playing golf, playing cricket, as well as water skiing and driving a motorboat across a lake. It’s a take on a pastoral scene typically filled with European aristocratic types yet instead filled with black […]

Art Community Complains That Nominees For Prize Are All Straight White Males – So All The Nominees Withdraw

“Earlier this month, members of the Belgian art community signed an open letter objecting to the exclusionary selection of artists for [the 2019 BelgianArtPrize] shortlist. … {Now those five artists] contend that the shift in public attention away from ‘artistic discourse or content’ and towards ‘white male privilege’ has undermined the prize and made it […]