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The Weinstein Company Gets Bankruptcy Protection. Here’s What That Means

Receiving bankruptcy protection means that secured creditors will get paid before any women suing the Weinstein Co. (Bob Weinstein is listed as an unsecured creditor, per Variety.) Civil lawsuits already filed by Harvey Weinstein’s accusers against the company will be halted, and they can’t bring new legal claims. But there could be other legal recourse for such accusers.

How The TV Show Portlandia Killed Old Portland

“Portlandia was the moment something shifted and a new kind of person started showing up in Portland, who wasn’t the same kind of hearty doer, but more of a spectator who wants to be entertained by a city,” said Carye Bye, a former Portland-based artist who donated her hand-printed cards to Portlandia.

The Ingenious Distribution System Cubans Use To Replace The Internet They Can’t Access

“Cuba has one of the lowest rates of internet usage in the Western Hemisphere, and access to media is strictly restricted – but that doesn’t stop Cubans from watching Game of Thrones. Their secret is El Paquete Semanal (‘The Weekly Packet’), a clandestine in-person file-sharing network that distributes hard drives and flash drives full of […]

Weinstein Co. Declares Bankruptcy

“The company may yet be able to reorganize and continue to produce TV shows and films under new ownership. Lantern Capital put in a ‘stalking horse’ bid, which provides a floor for a bankruptcy auction. … The company also announced that it has released its employees from their non-disclosure agreements, as part of an ongoing […]

“Black Panther” Box Office Juggernaut Rolls On

The only previous films to win five straight weekends in the past 20 years are 2009’s “Avatar” and 1999’s “The Sixth Sense.” “Titanic,” from 1997, holds the record, which seems unbreakable in the current quick-to-DVD era; it reigned for 15 straight weekends, according to Box Office Mojo. “Black Panther” is the year’s biggest release by a […]

Are We In A Time Of Anomaly – Or A Breakthrough Time For Women Directing Big-Budget Science Fiction Films?

One problem is simply the numbers in the U.S. – single digits for women directors, compared to women being 1/4 of directors in France, for instance. And then, of course, “sci-fi is still fiercely defended masculine territory. The word “science” doesn’t help, judging by men’s rights movement support for James Damore, the Google engineer fired […]