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We’re In Another Stephen King Media Renaissance, This One From The Generation Who Grew Up On Him

“King’s enjoyed numerous renaissances since Carrie put him on the map in 1973 — the era following Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adaptation; the early ’90s one-two punch of Misery‘s Oscar win and Tommy Lee Wallace’s It miniseries; the two-year spell at the turn of the millennium when he dropped the final three Dark Tower […]

How ‘Sorry To Bother You’ Found (And Used) Its White Voice

The premise of director Boots Riley’s movie is the largely unearned success that the black characters gain when they use a “white voice.” And, as Danny Glover’s character tells his young telemarketing colleague, “I’m not talking Will Smith–white. I’m talking about the real deal” — meaning with dubbed-in dialogue spoken by white actors sounding their […]

Producers Of Hit Podcast ‘S-Town’ Sued By Estate Of Main Subject

“According to plaintiff Craig Cargile, who filed on Thursday in Bibb County, Alabama, on behalf of [John B.] McLemore’s estate, [senior producer and host Brian] Reed, Serial Productions, This American Life, Chicago Public Media, and others allegedly used ‘McLemore’s indicia of identity in a commercial manner’ and seeks damages. Echoing concerns of some listeners, Cargile […]

Indian Court Rules That Actors Can’t Be Held Liable For Their Scripted Dialogue (Yes, This Had To Be Ruled On)

India’s broad defamation laws allow complainants to file civil or even criminal charges for insulting the feelings of religious groups or communities as well as individuals. Repeated suits along these lines have been brought against the producers of the hit Netflix India series Sacred Games. In one of the latest, concerning an epithet a character […]