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Decline Of The Working-Class Actor

“For British actors, ever-growing division is a fact of life. The erection of roadblocks for working-class actors now begins at state schools, where drama has been squeezed out by slashed teaching budgets and a narrowing curriculum. Then come rising fees at drama schools. Overcome those and you get to chase dwindling roles in soaps and […]

Study: Broadway Is Becoming More Diverse

“The study, released Monday, examined the 2015-16 season and found it to be the most diverse the group has reviewed so far, with 35 percent of all roles going to minority actors, up from 30 percent the previous season and 24 percent the year before that. The coalition has now compiled 10 years of data […]

Theatre Of Empathy Subbing Out The Victims

Theatre for a Change, a partnership between the UK and Malawi, is “one of a number of organisations around the world using theatre to educate about sexual consent, the company favours a technique called ‘legislative theatre’. This concept was developed by Brazilian dramatist, director and theorist Augusto Boal, who believed that putting the powerful in the […]

How The Art Of Directing Theatre Is Changing

“If the job description and skill set of directing hasn’t changed much, the circumstances in which American directors work certainly has. The cost of renting performance spaces has shot up in major urban areas, and the existence of affordable spaces for young artists everywhere has dwindled. While programs and grants to nurture young playwrights have […]