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It’s So Disgusting Backstage At British Regional Theatres That It’s Become Dangerous, Say Actors

“Mould, loose tiles, leaking drains, hanging wires, rats and a lack of disabled access are just some of the issues cited by performers and creatives. Actor Daniel Page, proposing the motion on behalf of the West and South West London Branch [of Equity], said: ‘I’ve seen gaffer tape holding up wires, gaffer tape holding up […]

‘Stop Relying On Old Media’: Lyn Gardner On Leaving The Guardian And The Future Of Theatre Criticism

“My loss of a platform at The Guardian doesn’t mean that theatre criticism is dead, merely that the conversations are taking different forms and moving elsewhere. … There is a lesson in this for theatre itself and how much it remains in thrall to mainstream theatre writing, even as that coverage crumbles away. Theatre is […]