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How The Art Of Directing Theatre Is Changing

“If the job description and skill set of directing hasn’t changed much, the circumstances in which American directors work certainly has. The cost of renting performance spaces has shot up in major urban areas, and the existence of affordable spaces for young artists everywhere has dwindled. While programs and grants to nurture young playwrights have […]

Taking A Scholarly Look At

“So just how good is the Urban Dictionary at capturing new words, and how does it compare with more conventional approaches to producing online dictionaries? Today, we get an answer of sorts thanks to the work of Dong Nguyen at the Alan Turing Institute in London and a few pals, who compare the Urban Dictionary […]

A Major Portland Theatre Decides To Sell Half Its Building, And Loses Its Managing Director As Well

For years, Artists Repertory Theatre shepherded its building in what was historically a gritty location, through remodels and hosting a number of other cultural offices and eventually to a new, vibrant artistic director, who has “set new standards for equity, onstage and off.” But now, ART is selling half its building, including one theatre. “The […]