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When Becoming A Stowaway Was All The Rage

“As long as there has been transportation to faraway places, people have been sneaking on board. … The stowaway fad, however, was a different kind of social phenomenon. It was part of the attention-seeking aesthetic of the Jazz Age, a larksome activity similar to flagpole sitting, outrageous swimming challenges, and ‘buildering’ – the art of […]

Trocks Dancer Resigns, Accuses Company of Discrimination and Harassment

Chase Johnsey “says that he no longer believes the company” – the travesti troupe Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo – “stands for openness and gender freedom. He claims that he and other dancers have been mistreated, sexually harassed and discriminated against for appearing too feminine in classes and rehearsals, adding, ‘We’re being bullied for […]