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‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ Is ‘A Shallow Look At Race In Rural America

“Now, no movie is one thing. … And so Three Billboards is about grief and anger, parental and police responsibility, truth and reconciliation. But it is also about class and race in rural America – and the levels to which [filmmaker Martin] McDonagh doesn’t actually investigate or interrogate his own storytelling decisions in that regard […]

How Dancing Changes Dancers’ Brains

“Neuroscientist Agnieszka Burzynska … and her team looked at 40 female college students: half highly trained in modern dance, and half non-dancers. They had the subjects do various tasks – from watching dance videos to remembering the location of dots on a screen – and used scanners to look at their brain structure and activity. […]

A “Right” Way To Look At Art?

Time and time again, the author argues that background knowledge is not only unnecessary, but even hurtful, to truly appreciating a work of art — hence the advice to ignore wall labels and audio guides. Michael Findlay accurately points out that many people are intimidated by art, because they feel they don’t know enough to […]

How U. Texas Fought Yale For Arthur Miller’s Archive – And Won

“That battle pitted two of the nation’s most prestigious, and deep-pocketed, archival institutions against each other, in a mini-drama mixing Milleresque high principle with more bare-knuckled competition. And it cracks a window onto the rarefied trade in writers’ papers, and the delicate calibrations of money, emotion and concern for posterity that determine where they ultimately […]

London Is Losing Its Music Venues

UK Music says 35% of venues across the country have closed in the last decade. “The big problem has been in recent years that developers have moved in next to pre-existing music venues,” says the body’s chief, Michael Dugher. “All of a sudden, the people in a block of flats are complaining about the noise […]