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How Facebook Killed Online Comedy?

The whole story is basically that Facebook gets so much traffic that they started convincing publishers to post things on Facebook. For a long time, that was fine. People posted things on Facebook, then you would click those links and go to their websites. But then, gradually, Facebook started exerting more and more control of […]

The ‘Netflix Of Reading’ Is Finally Taking Off

“Amazon stepped into e-book rentals in 2014 with its $10-per-month Kindle Unlimited service … But a small competitor named Scribd started even earlier and offers larger quantities of popular content – for a buck less. In the past year, it’s grown subscribers by over 40% to 700,000 (still well behind Kindle Unlimited’s estimated 2.5 million-plus) […]

Does This Grammar App Actually Make You A Worse Writer?

Whatever its faults, Grammarly’s Chrome extension isn’t completely useless. It’s saved me from some basic typos in hastily composed tweets and emails, and when I ran a draft of this article through it, it noticed a missing word that I (probably) would have caught on review. Nevertheless, the company’s ostensibly advanced tools are more likely […]

A Dance Company For Orthodox Jewish Men

“Dance and devotion have a long, rich relationship in Judaism. And dance continues to be used by some groups, including the Hasidim, as a form of ecstatic spiritual expression. For the members of Ka’et, all of whom identify as dati leumi, or religious Zionists (akin to modern Orthodox in America), dance also offered a way […]