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The Art Of Nairobi’s Dancing Buses

Matatu are the privately owned buses that have transported at least 60 percent of Nairobi’s population since the early ’60s. The word matatu comes from the Kikuyu word for “three,” referring to the three ten-cent coins used to pay for a ride to the city when matatus first started operating.

Netflix Spending $8 Billion On Content This Year

The company is competing against a range of traditional entertainment companies around the globe, and of course, against the need to work, sleep and do other things. Speaking at TED in Vancouver, CEO Reed Hastings noted that $8 billion is about what Disney spends. “That’s spread globally,” he said. “It’s not as much as it […]

Can A New Program Help Increase Orchestra Diversity?

The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra has launched a new education program, and half of the students will be Latinx and African American, by design. Executive Director Patrick Nugent said, “There’s a crisis of diversity in our field. … We will do a better job of attracting more diverse audiences if those audiences see themselves reflected on […]