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Building Owners Are Making Fortunes From Banksy Works

In a world where Banksy street-pieces — essentially, illegally created public art — cut from buildings can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars, proprietary domain is a hot-button issue. Legally, according to attorney Eric Baum, who represented artists in litigation involving the 5 Pointz mural space in Long Island City, “The owner of the building […]

Just Some Ordinary Design Love

Writer Renno Eddi-Lodge: “Design is something that seamlessly slots into your life: my clothes, the tech I use, the bike I ride, kitchenware. I try to prioritise function; I am not someone who thinks about beauty that much. I like things to be clean, t…

Let Us Pause To Consider The Historic Cultural Significance Of Beyoncé Headlining The Coachella Festival

She created a performance themed around HBCUs – historically Black colleges and universities – and educated, while entertaining, the audience. “Coachella has come to be known for an easygoing, boho aesthetic, with the stereotypical Coachella attendee a drunk white hipster wearing a Native American headdress and loads of glitter. On Friday, Vince Staples referred to […]

Where Does The Tattoo Style ‘Black And Gray’ Come From?

The increasingly popular, and increasingly subtle and detailed, style comes from prison culture. “Black and gray used to be referred to as joint-style or prison-style, because of its roots in penal institutions, where inmates made homemade machines from ballpoint pens, guitar strings, needles, and parts from old boom boxes. The machines had one needle. No […]

Top AJBlogs From The Weekend Of 04.15.18

Filthy Rotten T.S. Eliot When my staff of thousands sent me this book cover, APRIL IS A MOTHERFUCKER, by none other than T.S. Eliot, it put me in mind of Inventions of the March Hare: Poems 1909-1917,which includes … read more AJBlog: Straight|UpPublished 2018-04-15 Martha Graham: Sacred and Profane The Martha Graham Dance Company at New York City Center, April […]

The Disappearing Aesthetic Of Amazon Warehouses

Let loose a British architecture critic on the complexes maintained by Amazon and other massive delivery services, and you get (rather depressing) poetry: “You couldn’t call it country or town: it is a node, a zone. It approaches a sort of sublime, you could say, in which the vast whiteish rectangles resemble conceptual art and […]