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How Should TCG’s Publication, American Theatre, Handle The Many MeToo Reports It Collected?

The magazine has never done investigative journalism, and it’s been a bit overwhelmed by the number of serious, credible incidents it has heard about since senior editor Diep Tran asked for stories. “We opted to share with major news outlets the names of survivors, with their permission; these publications later produced high-profile news reports that […]

What Are The Most Popular Libraries In The World?

“The idea of a public library — where anyone in the community is trusted to borrow books, often for long stretches of time, for free, ad infinitum — is fairly magical. Where else do you get something for nothing? Which is not even to mention the many programs, study space, use of computers, and other […]

Why It’s Difficult To Write Online

“With exposure can come brutality in the form of hate tweets and irate emails. Expect more of them if you stick your neck out. Some of us find this to be a minimal irritant and easily ignored. For others, it could be significant, especially considering the tendency for women and minorities in the public eye […]