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Ominous Trend: Public Universities Now Get More Income From Tuition Than From Government

“More diversity among students means higher education is drawing more deeply on those who have faced economic and academic inequities that reduce their odds of success. And yet the taxpayer resources that public institutions are receiving to guide them to completion are diminishing. That’s a recipe for widening economic inequality and declining national competitiveness, as […]

Science Reveals: How Words Should Be Spaced

Somewrittenlanguageshavenospacesatalland o thers re quire a space be tween ev e ry syl la ble. Ob viously, thereneed to be standards. Unless    you’re doing avant – garde po e try, or    something , you  can’tjustspacew ords ho w e v   e    r   y      o        u            […]

Parts Of The New (Old) War About German Identity Revolve Around Symbolism

First, there was a 47-second video that dramatically changed Germany’s concept of its ability to deal with contemporary anti-Semitism. And then there’s the Christian cross: “The situation in Germany has become complicated. Previous certainties are being lost and old battles are being launched anew. In Bavaria, for example, the cabinet of Governor Markus Söder recently […]