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Improvisation – How Exactly Do Jazz Musicians, Freestyle Rappers, And Improv Comedians Pull It Off?

“In this presentation we explore the science of improvisation, with rapper GoldLink, jazz pianist Jason Moran, and comedy duo Andy Bustillos and Alex Song of Upright Citizens Brigade. We’ll get inside the artists’ heads to see how their quick creative process allows them to step into the spotlight — without knowing what’s coming next.” (multimedia […]

How Did Propaganda Get Such A Bad Name? (Blame George Orwell)

“The posters and films produced in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s have become totemic representations of the genre, and as such the idea of ‘propaganda’ is now synonymous with aggressive, bold representations of utopian ideals, spouting malicious untruths against enemies, or manipulating and controlling their compliant populations. Such a […]

How Architecture Paved The Way To Brexit

A facade of Europeanization couldn’t fix everything: “The new Europe … never really made it into everyday life, into council estates and suburbs, other than when the former were demolished to make way for something more ‘aspirational’. If the centre of Manchester became like a cheaper, rainier Barcelona, its suburbs and satellites remained resolutely part […]