Asaph Hyman, Director of Bonhams Chinese Art Department, is appointed to the Bonhams UK Board of Directors

LONDON.- Asaph Hyman, Director of the Bonhams Chinese Art Department has been appointed a UK Board Director of the company. He is responsible for the bi-annual Fine Chinese Art sales held in Bonhams flagship New Bond Street salerooms as well institution and private valuations in the UK and the Continent. Asaph is also involved in the company’s exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai and the Hong Kong sales. He has been key to the Department’s huge growth since 2007 and the record breaking £24m sale achieved during the November Asian Art Week in London in 2011, an all time record for a Chinese art auction in Europe. Asaph Hyman was educated in Israel, the USA and the UK. He has an LLB from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and an LL.M in Trade Regulation (Antitrust & Compe-

Carrie Pilto appointed Director of the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambrésis

LE CATEAU-CAMBRESIS.- The Matisse Museum was founded in 1952 by the painter Henri Matisse in his birthplace of Le Cateau-Cambrésis. It came under the aegis of the Département du Nord government authority in 1992 and was expanded and totally renovated in 2002. Under the leadership of its former director, Dominique Szymusiak, recently retired, the museum substantially grew its collections, climbing to 22nd position in the rankings of the 300 largest French museums. With the forthcoming renovation of its gardens and annexation of the town’s historic covered market, which will be devoted to contemporary art, the Département du Nord is making a strong statement about its new and ambitious plans for the Matisse Museum, both locally and internationally. It̉s within this context of repositioning the museum that Patrick Kanner, President of the Council of the Département du Nord, has appointed Carrie Pilto direct

A century of fashion photography from the Condé Nast archives at Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia

MILAN.- The Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia, is presenting the exhibit Fashion. A century of extraordinary photography from the Condé Nast archives. “We have to make Vogue into a Louvre.”—Edward Steichen to Edna Woodman Chase, 1920s These words said by Steichen to the first editor in chief of Vogue aptly summarized the revolution started by Condé Nast, both in fashion as well as in photography more generally, when the publisher acquired the prestigious Vogue masthead in 1909. From then on, the story of fashion was no longer told exclusively in delicate nineteenth-century illustrations, but also by great international photographers with creative license. Edward Steichen was one of the first photographer to shoot for Vogue, accepting the challenge and not worrying about those who accused him of selling out to fashion. Much has changed since those first intrepid steps, and today fashion photography has nothing to

The National Museum of Scotland displays a host of treasures from the home of the Vikings

EDINBURGH.- The National Museum of Scotland is the only UK venue for Vikings!, an outstanding exhibition of more than 500 objects, including jewelry, weapon fragments, carvings, precious metals and household items, from the world-renowned collections of the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Rarely seen outside Scandinavia, these artefacts show the Vikings in a new and intriguing light. By bringing together these fascinating objects, archaeological evidence, hands-on displays and innovative interpretation, the exhibition reveals who the Vikings really were and creates a vivid picture of how they lived more than 1,000 years ago, dispelling a number of myths in the process. The term ‘Viking’ is a modern invention of 19th century Scandinavian scholarship and should not be used to refer to a race or a people but rather to an activity. Men and perhaps even women and adolescents, would go out ‘on a Viking’