Art and poetry at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum

On Sunday at 1:30 p.m., celebrate National Poetry Month at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, as Washington poet and visual artist Fred Joiner discusses the nexus of art and verse. Immediately after Joiner’s talk in the third-floor Luce Foundation Center, visitors are invited to write and share their own art-themed poetry. There’s no shortage of inspiration; the library-like storage space houses more than 3,000 objects from the permanent collection in glass cases and drawers.

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Thomas Demand: A journey in great demand

John Lautner believed that “architecture should be really odd.” To this end the midcentury American architect dotted Southern California with a concrete, glass and copper volcano for Bob Hope’s second home, a dwelling that looks like a UFO perched on …

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The Corcoran and the University of Maryland: What has happened and what has to happen

Now that there is an agreement between the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art and Design and the University of Marylandto pursue some kind of collaboration or partnership, it’s tempting to think the coming months will be all about details, granular negotiations about how the arrangement will be structured and perhaps a little horse trading as the two parties try to figure out how to get the best out of each other. That is, of course, all necessary.

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‘Concrete Abstract’ at Heiner squares the obscure with the ordinary

The theme of “Concrete Abstract,” a group exhibition at Heiner Contemporary, is “the confluence of abstraction with the everyday.” Thus, the selection includes work that repurposes tablecloths, patio furniture and glittery knickknacks. But the show — curated by one of its participants, Matthew Smith — also has another visual agenda. It might be subtitled “homage to the rectangle.”

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