Alt_Cph: Copenhagen’s alternative art fair opens

Alt_Cph – the meeting place for artist-run spaces and initiatives – welcomes the audience to a loud and vibrant art fair at the Factory of Art and Design from August 30th till September 1st. This year, Alt_Cph has invited the artist Jørgen Carlo Larsen to create the physical framework of the fair and more than 23 artist-run spaces from home and abroad have set up camp in his installation at the Factory of Art and Design. His installation’s presence in the space consists of simple sculptural elements from natural materials, which activate the floor, ceiling and walls. By allowing this piece to provide a framework for the fair, the focus is on the Material – not just as something objects are made of, but as a vibrant in-between space in perpetual transformation; as the matter we consist of and the matter that surrounds us. In addition to the 23 art spaces and the many artists that they have