That Football TV Theme Music That’s So Recognizable Has Classical Origins


“These composers are using the same tricks classical music composers have used for centuries — combinations of pitch, tempo, rhythm, dynamics, and melody — that resonate in the human subconscious to evoke emotion. Today, football fans will sit rapt in concert halls, listening to the Green Bay Civic Symphony or the Philadelphia Orchestra play the soundtrack of their favorite sport.

NY Post Cuts Theatre Writer Michael Riedel Back To Once A Week

New York Daily News and New York Post headlines on the capture of the .44 caliber killer, “Son of Sam,” August 11, 1977. (AP Photo)

“At the Post, a redesign of the features section now ghettoizes arts coverage to Fridays. Among other headline-worthy occurrences, that means that plugged-in Broadway columnist Michael Riedel has been cut back to one column a week, instead of two — odd since Riedel is the Page Six of theater news, followed and love-hated by the most powerful people on the New York/Hollywood entertainment axis.”