Can We Talk About Composer And Critic Virgil Thomson Now?

31VIRGIL1-blog427“Blithely ignoring conflicts of interest, he remained a working composer throughout his tenure at The Herald Tribune. His pieces were performed by leading orchestras, sometimes with Thomson conducting! He reviewed ensembles and artists who performed his music, usually quite favorably. While at the paper, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Music. Far from being embarrassed, […]

Books of The Times: Review: ‘The Selfishness of Others,’ or I’m O.K. — You’re a Narcissist

Kristin Dombek’s book, subtitled “An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism,” shows how a clinical term metastasized into a sweeping description of our entire culture.

Alexandra Pelosi Muses on the Donors She Convinced to Talk Candidly in Her New Film

Ms. Pelosi, whose film “Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk?” debuts on Monday, spoke with one of our reporters at the Democratic National Convention.

An intimate look at Kate Bush

Kate Bush fanatics will get a kick out The Kate Inside, a new limited edition book with photographs of the singer taken by the Italian music photographer Guido Harari. The duo met in Milan in the late 1970s and worked together from 1982-93 on …

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Curators’ tour of the new Tate Modern

Staff from across the Tate Modern, including its director, Frances Morris, provided mini guided tours of its new and rehung galleries during the Uniqlo-sponsored relaunch weekend in June. Since then more than one million visitors have ex…

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