Artists divided over Rio Olympic Games

As Brazils second largest city prepares to host the Olympic Games, which open this week, Rio de Janeiro’s economic woes have forced the federal government to provide additional funding for the games. The countrys uncertain situation is reflect…

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The Matriarch Of Regional Theatre

30Fichandler-obit1-master768“Zelda Fichandler, a seminal figure in the regional theater movement who led Arena Stage in Washington for 41 years, producing more than 400 shows and directing more than 50 for a company that helped spur the growth of professional theater around the country and became its centerpiece in the nation’s capital, died on Friday at […]

Computers: The Worst Thing Ever For Spy Movies

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 09.19.33“Watching somebody type on a computer is about as interesting, aesthetically and dramatically, as watching cows eat grass. Though at least grass-eating cows would be a change from routine, unlike computers, which many of us type on all day. This seems especially ridiculous when it’s Hollywood stars doing the typing.”