Proposition: Culture = Power Whereas Art = The Power Of Beauty

Why Movies Still Matter   The New Yorker“Ultimately, democratic politics are a numbers game. Politics are what concern everyone, which is why “everyone” talks about politics. Art, by contrast, is what concerns one person, intimately. Culture is a matter of power; art is a matter of beauty. It’s also a matter of freedom—of spiritual freedom, of free-spiritedness—and so it’s also political, though […]

Edinburgh Festivals Boast Another Record Year For Ticket Sales

Ed-Fringe-pic-700x455“The fringe issued 2,475,143 tickets for participating shows across Scotland’s capital, a 7.7% increase on 2015 despite the number of registered events and performances falling marginally on 2015 levels. The Edinburgh International Festival issued a record 169,300 tickets for paying events, posting £4.2 million in sales, marking the first time it has topped £4 million. […]

Guardian Editorial: “Unacceptable” That Our Orchestras Aren’t Being Led By More Women

1869“London has five permanent symphony orchestras, all full of female players. Yet of the 20 conducting posts at these orchestras, just one is held by a woman – and the temporary post held by the London Symphony’s assistant conductor Elim Chan ends this season. It wouldn’t be acceptable in other professions. It isn’t acceptable here […]