Stéphanie Saadé’s first solo show in the Netherlands on view at AKINCI

How many times do you blink in a year’s time? Welcome to The Leaf Once Pilgrim, Stéphanie Saadé’s first solo show in the Netherlands. What we experience in the gallery is the artist’s path of pilgrimage through growth; accompanied, from time to time, by a leaf: the years at school, her travel diaries, a map still being drawn, skies not yet fully explored, departure and arrival schedules on uncommon transportation systems… Though very personal, the exhibition includes and absorbs the spectator, whatever provenance and millennium he/ she is from. The frequencies Saadé transmits are definitely uncommon and they can be heard if only we walk on the same traces left by the ballerina that was the first visitor of the show, and is, after that, always on her toes. Wall Piece sets a shifts in perception, indicating what happened when the ballerina came: a wall moved