Books of The Times: Republican Senator Jeff Flake Rails Against Trump, but to What End?

In “Conscience of a Conservative,” Jeff Flake of Arizona crosses a rhetorical Rubicon to excoriate the president — and the lawmakers who support him.

Facial Recognition Software Eliminates Anonymity. Now The Battles For Privacy Regulations

“Facial recognition’s use is increasing. Retailers employ it to identify shoplifters, and bankers want to use it to secure bank accounts at ATMs. The Internet of things—connecting thousands of everyday personal objects from light bulbs to cars—may use an individual’s face to allow access to household devices. Churches already use facial recognition to track attendance at services.”

Laura Zucker Exit Interview: Three Biggest Challenges For The Arts

Laura Zucker is stepping down after 25 years leading the LA County Arts Commision. Three of the biggest issues facing arts administrators? “Ensuring all students everywhere receive a quality arts education. It’s a social justice issue. Valuing diverse cultural traditions equally, really equally, in terms of opportunity and resources.  The democratization of culture: creating opportunities […]