John Portman, Architect Of Soaring Hotel Atriums And Transformer Of Skylines, Has Died At 93

Portman’s buildings “often evoked oohs and aahs from the public, but were not always a hit with critics, who called them concrete islands, self-contained cities within cities — serving their patrons yet insular, even forbidding to outsiders. But by combining architectural talents with the savvy of a real estate entrepreneur, Mr. Portman was hugely successful […]

Top AJBlogs Posts From The Weekend Of 12.31.17

What We Liked in 2017 When Doug McLennan asked me to write a description for my blog that ArtsJournal would begin hosting in 2017, I thought about the topics which move me to spend time writing—the things that I feel … read more AJBlog: The Bright RidePublished 2017-12-30 Recent Listening And Viewing: Ernie Watts Ernie Watts, Wheel […]

How Did Louisiana Jazz Make It To That Other L.A.?

California was more than a rumor; it was a way to change history. “For African Americans dreaming of opportunity in the early part of 20th century, that lure, the music in California’s new-start promise, was embedded into the consciousness. It burrowed deep. It was the necessary fuel — inspiration — to carry onward beyond known […]