Top AJBlogs From The Weekend 05.20.18

Tribute to John Bryan from Cold Turkey Press Cover and back page of four-page folio being published in a limited edition by Cold Turkey Press.John Bryan published so many underground papers and magazines over three decades — beginning in 1962 with renaissance, a … read more AJBlog: Straight|UpPublished 2018-05-20 Losing its meaning I don’t want to say anything bad […]

Fans Love Murder, Or At Least This Murder Podcast

The fandom, especially the fandom among women, for this podcast is reaching pop-star levels. “Calling themselves Murderinos, they came to hear expletive-laden tales of serial killings and brutal homicides told by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, the irreverent hosts of the wildly popular true-crime comedy podcast ‘My Favorite Murder.'” (One of the host’s offhand comments, […]

In Hollywood And Looking To Connect With A Young Multicultural Audience? Talk To This Guy

The Cashmere Agency’s business has exploded in recent years, just as the U.S. demographics change permanently. “In the past, Hollywood’s marketing efforts were mostly aimed at white audiences. But as the industry shifts to capitalize on an increasingly diverse nation, marketing tactics have also had to change. These efforts require more nuance and cultural sensitivity […]