At Monticello, It Is – At Long Last – Time To Center The Life Of Sally Hemings

This has been 25 years - and two centuries - in the making. "The 'Life of Sally Hemings' exhibit is perhaps the most striking example of the sea change that has taken place at Monticello, as the foundation has increasingly focused on highlighting the stories of Monticello’s slaves. ... It rebuilt a slave cabin and workshops where slaves labored, and has hosted reunions there for the descendants of the enslaved population, including sleepovers. It removed a public bathroom installed in 1940s atop slave quarters."

Top AJBlogs For The Weekend Of 06.17.18

Meeting Jamie Shew

Having heard an advance CD by Jamie Shew, a singer new to me, I asked the trumpeter Bobby Shew if she is related to him. He followed his answer—No— with a question ... read more

AJBlog: RiffTidesPublished 2018-06-15
Tina Mion’s Stop-Action Reaction – Jacqueline Kennedy, King of Hearts. 1997. I was immediately and profoundly moved upon encountering it at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC years ago. “Perfect moments.”That’s the beautiful ... read more
AJBlog: Audience WantedPublished 2018-06-15
“And at last he had time for what he privately called educating himself. He had discovered the Victorian novelists but had decided that not all were divine. Or at least not divine all the time. ... read more
AJBlog: About Last NightPublished 2018-06-14
Mokusatsu Asked what he’d do first if called upon to rule a nation Confucius replied, “I’d correct language. If language isn’t correct Then what is said is not what’s meant And what ought to be ... read more
AJBlog: Straight|UpPublished 2018-06-13

Arundhati Roy Sounds A Clarion Call For Writers

The novelist and essayist says it's not the job of a writer to be an activist - but that writers are always political, and now that is deeply necessary. "Individuals are being turned into micro-fascists by so many means. It is the mobs and vigilantes going and lynching people. So more than ever, the point of the writer is to be unpopular. The point of the writer is to say: 'I denounce you even if I’m not in the majority.'"