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Creating Employment Guidelines For Arts Organizations To Support Working Parents

“When an institution does not evolve with best practices that include parent support, it risks suppressing, isolating, and driving out the most socially vulnerable regardless of their high professional capability and artistic potential. Our organization, Parent Artist Advocacy for the Performing Arts, is creating a National Handbook of Best Practices for institutions to support parent artists, collecting interviews with individuals alongside testimonies from institutions … to gain full perspective of harmful or healthy practice within the context of employment and caregiving.”

Using Contemporary Dance To Explore Racial Trauma In Latinx Communities

The David Herrera Performance Company is one of nine artists at ¡FLACC! — The Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers — “[a] three-day festival exploring how political, economic, racial, and religious tensions impact Latinx communities, and how they can survive them. Pointedly, the event takes place in [San Francisco’s] predominantly Latinx Mission district, a neighborhood currently enduring a wave of gentrification, and in a venue trying to stay afloat with increasing rental costs.”

400 Years Of #MeToo: A Verbatim Play About The Renaissance’s Greatest Female Painter Could Easily Be Depicting 2018

Artemisia’s Intent, a one-woman show created by a group calling itself The Anthropologists, tells the story of Artemisia Gentileschi’s rape, and her prosecution of her rapist, “in her own words, which are eerily akin to those of modern women going through similar struggles. … The company, a New York City-based theatre troupe that aims to inspire social action with their work, uses a collaborative and research-based approach, focusing on creating theatre directly from source materials.”

How The Idea Of World History Became Possible In The Year 1000 AD

Even Herodotus never considered how to integrate the historic timelines of the Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians. The problem was the lack of any fixed common calendar, any agreed-upon way of determining which year was which and what happened when, since each civilization had its own notional Year One. Then, because he got tired of having to consult many different books, the ruler of a kingdom on the Caspian Sea asked a Persian scholar to develop a timeline that could cover all peoples and their histories. (It was only happenstance that this happened in a year that carried a big round number in the European calendar.)

Could This Be The Next Big Art Market Scandal?

“Third-party guarantees at auction — the art market’s hybrid of a risk hedge and a speculative gamble — are on track to hit an all-time high of around $2.5bn in 2018. … Such deals are now the norm for high-value Impressionist, Modern and contemporary works. But experts warn that third-party guarantees, if misused, may precipitate a crisis.”

There’s Just No End — Narrative Closure Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Amanda Hess: “The age of the sequel is over. Now it’s the age of the sequel to the sequel. Also the prequel, the reboot, the reunion, the revival, the remake, the spinoff and the stand-alone franchise-adjacent film. Canceled television shows are reinstated. Killed-off characters are resuscitated. Movies do not begin and end so much as they loiter onscreen. And social media is built for infinite scrolling. Nothing ends anymore, and it’s driving me insane.”

Steve McQueen And Viola Davis On Hollywood, Race And Power

“MCQUEEN: What’s happening with #MeToo and Time’s Up is amazing — these are huge, giant steps. But I just feel sometimes, as a black filmmaker, that it’s still going around in circles.
DAVIS: It can’t just be ‘This is a time for female rage, so this is a time for female-centric movies and maybe some black artists.’ It should’ve been time years ago. This is what it always should be.”