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Roberto Clemente v. Babe Ruth at the National Portrait Gallery: Not even close

The people have spoken and a photo portrait of the late rightfielder Roberto Clemente will be featured at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, starting Tuesday.The honored image could have been that of Babe Ruth or Sandy Koufax, but neither was a match for Clemente in an online vote conducted at Clemente got 2,034 votes; Koufax, 225; and the Babe, 190.Read full article >>

Dolores Huerta’s “One Life” at the National Portrait Gallery: Yes she could

Dolores Huerta stands at the center of an exhibition hall at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and listens to a curator tell the story of her life in pictures. At 85, with little sign of slowing down, Huerta has a lot to tell. She founded the United Farm Workers with César Chávez in 1962; helped refine the tactics — marches, boycotts, hunger strikes — now commonplace in progressive organizing; was dubbed the “Dragon Lady” by the male grape company negotiators who knuckled under to their diminutive female adversary’s contract demands; raised 11 children, who gave her 17 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.Read full article >>

Coca leaves and a llama fetus: How the Folklife Festival ensures authenticity

Every June for six centuries, Quechua communities along the Apurimac River in the southern Andes Mountains of Peru have rebuilt the sacred Q’eswachaka Bridge. But they’ve never attempted it on the National Mall in Washington — a town not known for taking the best care of Mother Earth, nor for possessing the requisite humility to appease the mountain spirits. Read full article >>

University of Maryland adds own plan to proposals for rescue of Corcoran Gallery

A third proposal to “save” the Corcoran Gallery of Art emerged in D.C. Superior Court on Thursday when Wallace D. Loh, president of the University of Maryland, testified that within six weeks he could deliver a proposal to balance the budget and keep the institution independent and in Washington, albeit in partnership with the flagship campus in College Park.

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