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What would compel a black American to move to Stalinist Russia?

The oil painting of a black Russian man lay quietly for years in a back corner of an antique shop in a dingy walking mall in Moscow.

Andy Leddy, a white American working on a U.S. government contract for a refu­gee program in 1992, a year after the Communist Party lost power, pulled the canvas out and unrolled it.

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National Museum of the American Indian’s ‘Grand Procession’ of Plains and Plateau dolls

Under glass cases, the Native American dolls emit a quiet power.

The Crow woman, in the doll-figurine sculpture “Maternal Journey” by Rhonda Holy Bear, sits bone straight on a painted mare, pulling viewers closer with the meticulousness of her bright red dress covered in imitation elk ivory. A sheath at the base of her back holds a tiny pocket knife. From her right hip hangs a baby cradled in blue glass beads so tiny you would swear no human hands could possibly have stitched them.

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‘A World Apart: Anna Ancher and the Skagen Art Colony’ opens at Museum of Women in the Arts

The Nordic light crashes through the window like a diva in a china shop — pushing everything aside, demanding its presence be known.

It is the first thing a viewer notices when looking at Anna Ancher’s painting, “Sunlight in the Blue Room.” You barely see the golden-haired girl sitting in a pinafore on the edge of her chair: She tends to blend in with the furniture, which seems to be arranged to face the light streaming through a window, casting a block of lighter blue on an ocean-blue wall.

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