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The National Building Museum found $433.24 in loose change at the bottom of ‘The Beach’

When all the white plastic balls had been packed away, the National Building Museum was $433.24 richer. That's how much in cash and coins volunteer coordinator Kristen Sheldon and her troupe of helpers recovered from the bottom of the ball pit ocean once "The Beach," the museum's blockbuster summer art installation that attracted 180,000 visitors, had been removed. And that's just the American money, not counting several "[e]uros, some loonies, some Thai money," said Sheldon.  There was also $31 in "bills that we found halves of" some of which they reconnected through matching the serial numbers: "Reverse counterfeiting," as Sheldon called it. Read full article >>

Union Kitchen will take over the National Museum of Women in the Arts cafe

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is partnering with culinary incubator Union Kitchen, which will take over the museum's Mezzanine Cafe operations in a rotation of pop-ups run by its members. Beginning with a Nov. 17 soft-opening from food truck Dirty South Deli, the first part of the series, called "Union Kitchen Presents DS Deli" will continue through April. After that, Union Kitchen co-founders Jonas Singer and Cullen Gilchrist will select another one of their more than 50 member businesses to rotate through the space every few months.

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Give the Corcoran a ‘farewell hug’ on Saturday

The Corcoran still has one more month before it closes its doors for its official transition into the merger with the National Gallery and the George Washington University, but some members of the museum community will be saying an early farewell. A Facebook event is advertising a "Farewell Hug to the Corcoran" on Saturday at 2 p.m., at which point dozens of patrons will join hands and envelop the building in an enormous group hug. They'll also wrap the hug throughout the inside of the building.

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You can now visit the Corcoran for free

Here's an epic TL;DR of everything that has happened at the Corcoran leading up to today, the day gallery admission became permanently free:

The Corcoran announced it would enter a partnership with the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University, which made a lot of people angry and sad, especially a group of former students, staff and supporters called Save the Corcoran. The Corcoran, GW and the National Gallery had to go to court to get approval to amend the museum's charter. But when they did, Save the Corcoran filed suit to block the action. They put up a good fight, but on Monday, the courts announced that the merger would go through.

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Corcoran merger with National Gallery, George Washington University approved: 7 things you need to know

The D.C. superior court today approved the Corcoran’s plan to merge with the National Gallery of Art and the George Washington University, effectively dissolving the nearly 150-year-old institution. With this decision, one of D.C.’s oldest museums is about to undergo a drastic transformation in the next few months. Here’s what you need to know:

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Todd Gray’s Corcoran brunch moves to Equinox in July

Due to the Corcoran's impending transformation, chef Todd Gray's popular Sunday vegan brunch will have a new home beginning July 20: Gray's Farragut West restaurant, Equinox. And once it makes the move, the brunch will be even better, Gray says. "We didn’t have a full kitchen at the Corcoran," the chef says. "It was amazing what we did on induction burners. It was a challenge that we stepped up, and made it work."

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