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James Castle, subject of Smithsonian show, put ‘taught’ in self-taught

When Gail Johnson, 68, and her 79-year-old sister Georgia Allred go shopping, the latter always pauses at the checkout counter and says, “Thank you, Uncle Jim.” That, Johnson explains, is because sales of their late uncle James Castle’s works are keeping the sisters afloat financially.Read full article >>

At museums this fall: Art and science, civilization and extinction

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“81st Cumberland Valley Photo Salon.” A photography exhibition featuring images by amateur and professional photographers. At Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. Through Oct. 26.

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Galleries: ‘Digital Impressions,’ ‘An Allegory for Algorithms,’ ‘Alchemical Vessels’

Digital Impressions

The three Maryland photo-
artists who contributed to “Digital Impressions,” at Betty Mae Kramer Gallery, all begin with digital images but then take different paths toward abstraction. Gordana Gerskovic shoots delicate close-ups, so tightly framed that they escape their real-world context. The small pictures focus on worn textures and aged colors, yielding an Old World aura that would be evident even if ­Gers­kovic didn’t specify that she did the work in her native Croatia.

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In the galleries: Glowing ‘Markings’ and attractive ‘Abstraction’ at VisArts

Artists have used neon in many ways, but it and other glowing gases — more than just neon is required to produce various colors — are most associated with signs. D.C. neon artist Craig Kraft has returned to that tradition, but with light works based on jottings rather than elegant logos. Three of Kraft’s “Unintentional Drawings,” based on his own doodles, are included in “Markings,” at VisArts’s Gibbs Street Gallery in Rockville. But most of the pieces derive from someone else’s scrawls. Or rather, a whole bunch of other people’s, since the pieces riff on years of graffiti at Ground Zero Blues Club, a joint in the Mississippi region that gave the Delta blues its name.

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